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POEA License No.: POEA-200-LB-110415-R

We are pleased to submit to you our company and other pertinent data for your perusal. Rest assured that our company shall put significant efforts in screening workers to supply you the most competent, responsible and dignified workers who will not only perform their duties and responsibilities but will provide the dedication to contribute to the advancement of your company's objectives. We are an international labor recruitment agency based in the Philippines with more than a decade of serving satisfied clients worldwide. GOLD ICON RECRUITMENT AND PROMOTION INC has deployed Filipinos with various skills in household, industrial, construction, health and manufacturing sectors in countries like the USA, London, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi,Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan.The wide range of proficient labor it was able to supply doctors, nurses, physical therapists on the professional and technical fields while the household sector included caregivers, helpers, caretakers, babysitters, family drivers and cooks. Skilled workers included construction workers, electricians, carpenters and computer programmers, etc. Our genuine commitment to our clients is to provide quality labor force allowing its client companies to achieve superior and efficient productivity. Our technical staff is meticulous in its manpower pooling activity taking care to provide its clients workers that perfectly match job specifications. We believe that our company's own engine of growth is the satisfaction and trust of our clients that is why it is the company's prime agenda in its daily routine to provide the best Filipino workforce that could possibly be obtained. Our applicants are pre-screened and we conduct background investigation to check the veracity of information submitted to us. Likewise, we require our applicants to undergo training in accredited training centers to further hone their craft and to mentally and physically prepare them. We observe adherence to integrity and honesty at all times and we put to practice the application of the highest standard of ethical conduct in business worthy of trust and confidence of our clients. Providing solutions to staffing requirements are basic but at GOLD ICON RECRUITMENT AND PROMOTION INC. we go extra mile of providing you workers who do not only comply with standard knowledge, skills and ability to perform the functions of the job but workers who also possess the right attitude and character to optimize the client firm's objective of growth and productivity. This, we believe is our edge over the others. We are therefore asking you to be your partner in staffing requirements. We assure you that with us at the helm of your manpower demands, you get your full satisfaction that will ultimately redound to the benefit of your company.


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